Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Choices choices choices

Fall 2001
There are many different varieties of vintage trailers. And many sub-categories of those. We were often mystified by the dizzying array of different names people had for the same things. Here is the world of vintage trailers as I understand it.

Chrome Twinkies: aka toasters. I think these are the classic shape and I like these the most. Airstream, Silver Streak, Avion, Aero Bolus, Curtis-Wright and others

Canned Hams: Shasta (with wings!), Travel-Eze, Aloha, Love Bug and many many others

Teardrops: Mostly home built with plans from Popular Science and other handyman-type magazines. Often customized. Either overbuilt (good) or very rickety (bad!).

Futuristic: That’s what I call ‘em anyway. Usually great looking and built in very small numbers.

Art Deco: The great Spartan Manor is probably the most popular of these.

Just Weird: Usually one-offs. Great for head-scratching and “what is it?” contests.

I probably also should have included really vintage trailers… trolley tops, Pioneers, ...but most pre-war trailers don’t interest me very much.

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