Friday, March 11, 2011

Missed Opportunities

Winter 2001 We had the vintage trailer bug, but we didn't know what to do about it. We took long drives in the country looking for abandoned trailers and found quite a few. Some were canned hams. Some were Airstreams. Some were horse trailers. Some were propane tanks. None had "For Sale" signs in them and I was too much of a newbie to go make an offer.

We found an Airstream dealer in Portland... Spencer's RV on SE 82nd (now out of business). It seemed like a great place to start. We looked through a few new trailers but everything about the interiors seemed utterly disposable. They had a large parking lot out back with a herd of trailers waiting to be worked on in their repair shop. There I saw an Airstream Safari from the 1950s. I had never seen a 13-panel Airstream before and I fell in love with the million rivets, extra panels, the door-within-a-door, 10-foot span of windows on the street side. I couldn't get very close to it, but WOW! I loved the way it looked. It wasn't for sale.

Then a used car lot close to our house got a 1966 SilverStreak Sabre in on consignment. It had two axels, anodized aluminum exterior, turquoise appliances, pink bathroom, would sleep 4 easily and seemed to be just what we were looking for. Remember I said I had just gotten laid off? They were asking $5,000. Too rich for my blood, so we had to pass. (This picture isn't it... but it was the same model)

Then literally less than a mile from our house, someone parked a 1959 Travel-Eze. It looked beautiful. It was locked up tight, but I looked inside to see very little water damage on the original birch woodwork. The 12’ body was painted yellow and white and all the glass was good. I called the number, talked with the owner and arranged to meet them at the trailer as soon as they could… that day at 1pm. I called again at 12:30 to make sure we were still on and the lady said she had just sold it… for $500!!! Apparently another caller was very adamant about seeing it right then and they met them an hour earlier. I said I would have gladly paid $700 and didn’t appreciate them lying to me. Grrrr…. (I haven't been able to find a picture of this model, but I'll post one if/when I do.) THEN through the miracle of the internet we found the trailer Haley fondly refers to as our retirement home. …stay tuned…

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