Friday, March 11, 2011

Cool Trailer!

I think from time to time I'm going to just post a few images of a cool trailer I've come across. Sometimes it'll be from the internet, other times it will be from my own experience.
In any case, I thought I would start it off with a bang! I believe this is the absolute coolest trailer I have ever seen. It's a Holiday House made in Medford Oregon. WOW! It was made in 1960 and is a prototype. I have no idea if there was more than one made, where it is today or anything. But wow... doesn't it look amazing?!


UPDATE: A facebook friend was familiar with this trailer and sent me the link with ALL the info. It's a GREAT story and if you find this trailer interesting, you will LOVE reading more about it, plus there are a million GREAT pictures!

NOTE: If these are your pictures or you know of some reason why I shouldn't have them up on this blog, please let me know and I'll address the issue ASAP! THANKS!

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